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Every day, we are so consumed with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many more social media platforms that we forget how dental marketing strategies started. All digital marketing campaigns must acknowledge that they actually come from the more conventional tool of communication, which is published and eventually, emails. Combine these two together and you get a still effective method of marketing and advertising, which is digital newsletters.

In a nutshell, email newsletters are digital forms of newspapers that are being sent to potential customers via their email addresses. These are being used to inform the audience about the latest news, tips, products, services, and updates about the company. They come in many forms, designs, and layouts. Think of them as the digital form of your favorite magazines, albeit they are focused on just one company.

Okay, let’s be more specific. If you have been in an airplane, you might have noticed that there are in-flight magazines available for you to read. Some of them have travel stories while some sell products (and even services) that can be purchased during the flight. This is exactly how digital newsletters work, too, except that they are sent to your emails and they are printed physically.

But the importance of newsletters does not only focus on their ease of use or their ability to reach out to a large portion of your market. By and large, they provide relevant content that will help your target audience make a sound decision of purchasing a product or a service.

Even before you lead your target market to your social media channels, a digital newsletter is the first step to reach out to them. This is personal. This is sent to a personal email address and consumed in a curious manner (rather than the generic browsing we do on Facebook).

Through a newsletter, you will have the chance to invite your target market to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and eventually, develop a deeper seller-client relationship with them through constant engagement.

It’s important we warn you about sending too many newsletters in a month. Try to limit the newsletters to twice a month, which is enough for your market to remember your brand but not too much as to annoy them and eventually move your emails to spam.

When it comes to digital newsletters, the key is the right consistency. Constantly communicating with your audience through newsletters will increase the likelihood of them either visiting your dental practice or recommending you to their friends and family.