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Behind the pressure of designing a dental marketing strategy lie one truth: no dental practice is an island. Your dental practice cannot survive with your ideas alone. You cannot execute it by yourself. There’s no way you can attract patients, deal with patient issues, and deliver quality services with no one helping you.

One way of investing in your dental marketing strategy is by making sure your employees are well-trained in executing your ideas. If they don’t believe that your dental practice needs such campaigns, how can they go about executing these ideas into perfection? You should be committed to continuing your education, as well as that of your team members.

Does your team believe that your clinic needs more patients or do they view this strategy as more work for them? If they see the dental marketing campaign as their “enemy,” then they wouldn’t buy-in into the idea that you need to attract more patients. As a result, your patients are going to feel this dissatisfaction and disinterest whenever they call the clinic to inquire about your services. If your team is up to their neck in work, they would feel that getting more patients will be a burden for them.

Listen to your team. If they say that you need to hire more people to accommodate the number of inquiries and appointments, then maybe that’s what you should do. This way, you can get more patients without worrying if your employees are burned out.

Does your team understand the value of each patient’s call? Do they understand that a call can be a potential patient who will be loyal to your clinic for the foreseeable future? If they don’t understand that the purpose of dental marketing is to attract and retain patients, then their actions won’t complement your strategies. They have to believe that you are the kind of dentist these new callers need and should want.

That is connected to the third point, which is your team’s knowledge of your service. Are they knowledgeable about the kind of products and services that your practice can deliver? Are they the kind of people who can explain to a caller what your practice is all about? Do they know by heart how to reel in a potential patient?

The person who answers the phone in your dental clinic can make or break your dental marketing campaigns. This person is responsible for answering queries and making sure that accurate information is delivered to the audience.