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Think about this for a second: would you believe a photo generated by the brand or by the consumer? When you look at hotel photos, do you look for professional ones shared by the hotel management or by past customers? What do you value more? User-generated content is big in dental marketing because it deserves to be.

Ever since the introduction of filters and photo-sharing apps that allow users to produce high-quality images, user-generated content has been big in internet marketing. These tools empower everyday consumers to produce images that are as good as the ones produced by professional photographers. Today, social media influencers use the same tools to edit their photos and videos, which command millions of followers.

So, as a company, why wouldn’t you use these types of content for your marketing campaigns? These images can easily achieve brand affinity and engagement. They can boost the time consumers spend on your website browsing through photos, videos, and blog posts. They are more credible. Consumers believe them more than content generated by your brand.

Look at the numbers: iOS and Android users take about 150 new photos each month while female iPhone users under the age of 25 produce 250 photos a month. That’s an average of five to eight new images a day. What do they take photos of? They take selfies, photos of their food and purchases, friends, landscapes, vacations, families, and various others. Somewhere among the millions of images being produced each day, your business can thrive.

Customers who visited your bubble milk tea shop, for example, will take photos of your products. They will share these on Facebook and Instagram without even tagging your business. Unknowingly to you, images of your products are plastered all over social media. If you’re a dentist, your patients are already sharing stories about how good your services are and yet, you are not aware of them.

You have to go out there and put a listening ear on your mentions. You need to search for your dental clinic’s name and read what your patients are saying about you. They have a great influence over your target market. If they are not satisfied and they bad-mouthed your clinic, no one in their network will want to do business with you.

Your dental marketing strategies’ target market will believe what your patients say about you. They will trust their reviews because they see them as more truthful. They are not blinded nor hindered by the profit that a business will make from their posts. In your profession, it would be wise to maximize these opportunities. Find the user-generated content that can get your marketing strategies going.