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If you are just starting to market your dental practice, the best way to do that is to focus on your dental websites. Your website acts as a central hub of information about your practice. It tells the web visitors what you do, who you are, what you can offer, and what to expect when they make a visit. If you have an outdated design, it will be hard for your web visitors to believe anything that you have to say. After all, how can they expect an outdated website to deliver the best dental treatment?

Great dental websites should have an updated design, most of all. It should also be mobile-friendly and it should make it easy for patients to find the information that they seek.

Here are some of the most important features that dental websites should have:

Online Appointment Booking

Obviously, one of the reasons why patients go to your site is to book an appointment with you. Make the process as easy as possible. Show them immediately what dates are vacant before you begin asking for any information about them. They want to find out if the schedule they have in mind is still open in your calendar. Asking them about their personal information seems to be a trick to send them marketing materials in the future.

Online Bill Pay

Allow them to skip the lines in your clinic when their appointment schedule comes. Make sure that your website is safe and secure enough to accept payments online. Skip the hassle of paper invoices. You can send them the receipts of their payments online, too, so there’s no reason why your dental clinic should not accept online payments.


How many dentists are in your clinic? Make a profile for each one of them. Your patients want to know who they’re going to trust for their dental health. Where did they graduate? What are their specialties? An “about the dentist” page will help earn your patients’ trust. That will build the credibility of each of the dentists.


You can also have a dental blog on your website. The blog will give tips for oral hygiene. It will also give pointers to your customers about the different illnesses that they can get from not taking care of their dental health. Such valuable information will keep your practice relevant to your target market.

Focusing on dental websites will give you a better edge than your competitors. The more your target market wants to stay and browse through your site, the more that they will likely set an appointment with you, too.