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White space does not necessarily have to be white. No matter the color, it is that space between lines, columns, charts, letters, and words. The purpose of the white space on dental websites is to allow your eyes to have a breathing room. It is a particular element of design that is important in the navigability and the readability of your website’s content.

Often, white space is underutilized because business owners think it’s a waste of screen real estate. But the truth is, white space is one of the most valuable and underappreciated elements of your web design. If you look at other websites with high traffic, the utilization of white space is one of their common denominators.

Improves User Experience

Believe it or not, white space makes the content on your website more readable. When web visitors land on site, they want to be given a reason why they should keep reading. You’re not going to persuade them to stay and read if your webpage looks painful to the eye. White space gives breathing room to your eyes and it allows web visitors to experience your website in its totality.

Creates Balance

Let’s face it, a page full of text or images tend to get overwhelming. The information overload isn’t something your web visitors are necessarily expecting for or want in a website. White space brings balance to the page and it gives web visitors a chance to “rest” their eyes.

Highlights Call-to-Action (CTA)

The most obvious way to highlight your call-to-action is to make things bigger and bolder. While it is perfectly okay to write your CTA link in bold red letters, white space would put emphasis on it even more. In fact, there might be no need for you to make the CTA buttons or images bigger and brighter. Just creating white space around it will be just as effective.

Separates Elements

There are unrelated elements on your webpage. There would be some banner ads or streamers on your site, hopefully. How do you create space between these elements?

Instead of clamping them all together into one incohesive blob, you can use white space to separate these visual elements and improve your site’s overall layout. The proper use of white space can give your dental websites a cleaner and more coherent look.

It is important that your web designer understands the proper use of white space. Ask him to draft you a mock-up of the design he’s envisioning for your dental websites and see if the vision aligns with your goals.