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Overpromoting is bad, bad, bad. So many marketers in dental patient marketing are making the mistake of overpromoting the dental practice and even the website. it’s bad enough that we are surrounded by ads on television and social media, we expect more from our dentists, right? If you want to make sure that you are reaching the right consumer base, stop overpromoting and listen to what they need and want.

Overpromoting is when all your posts on social media are hard advertising. This means that you are directly promoting and advertising dental practice. You may be doing your dental practice more harm than good. Just ask any reputable marketer.

The marketing industry is incredibly sensitive. You cannot underpromote or overpromote. The best formula, according to marketers is to post one direct advertisement and promotion for every seven posts. This means that the other six will be non-promotional content. Your customers, unfortunately, will only focus on the other six posts that are hopefully informative and valuable to their queries.

So, you need to focus on researching good content for your website and social media. You cannot use your social media presence solely to promote your dental patient marketing. But the good news is if you follow the one-in-seven formula, that one direct promotional post has a higher chance of getting noticed by your audience.

Because they are used to getting informative articles from your posts, they can “forgive” you for the occasional direct promotional post. And since they are indebted to you for providing them valuable information about the industry you are in (assuming you are posting relevant stories), they will want to support the business side of your company.

On the other hand, overpromoting your products and services can be annoying. Most of the times, social media is the only respite we have from the outside world. We don’t want to be passing over hundreds of ads while we browse our feed. What we’re looking for are just random photos to like and memes to repost. We don’t want to be surrounded by ads every single second of our virtual lives.

The next time you think of a dental patient marketing strategy, make sure that it is something you can post about only once to twice every week. As tempting as it is, do not allow yourself to flood your customers’ news feed with posts advertising your dental practice. Learn to control yourself from promoting your practice nonstop. It’s truly worth the risk.