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Every dental practice works differently when it comes to dental marketing strategies. Some are focused on content creation and website designing while some let word-of-mouth recommendations be their primary marketing technique. The problem with offline marketing strategies is if they are not integrated with online tactics, they tend to lose their luster and they become ineffective.

If you are going to depend on word-of-mouth recommendations, you might as well bring that strategy to the online world where your target audience is most likely lounging and browsing around.

It’s bad business to hope that people will find your dental practice online when you’re not doing an iota of thing to be relevant and be present on social media and on Google’s search index.

If you think reviews and recommendations are going to be the backbone of your dental marketing strategies, you need Google to find as many user-generated content about your practice as possible.

People trust actual people

User-generated content or UGC is the most powerful and influential type of content marketing on the internet today. People trust actual people who experienced the products and services from a dental company. They depend more on actual recommendations and reviews than anything you can post or write on your blog.

Every dental website will say they have the best services in the area or that they offer great discounts and promotions, but potential clients will only believe what your website says when other users (past customers) are echoing the same thing.

Getting past customers to post reviews of your services online shouldn’t be that hard. Explain to them that as part of your dental marketing strategies, you need satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your website. Don’t be afraid to ask for this kind of favor. To return this favor, you can offer your patients discounts and some freebies the next time they visit your clinic.

Online reviews will also give Google enough reasons to rank you higher on local searches. When Google sees that your website has been receiving positive reviews, it will automatically include you on the list of local dental practices. As a user, if you see two identical dental practices but one has no reviews while the other has a five-star rating, which would you visit first?

That first visit is tantamount to success because by then, the customer is already on your website and all you need is to hook them with the right message and call-to-action.