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Anybody who has been in the industry for a while will let you know that when it comes to the success of your dental websites, conversions are the main determining factor. For different websites, the idea of conversions depend significantly on the kind of industry that it’s a part of.

In the medical and dental industries, the main type of conversion would take the form of price shoppers and website visitors into new patients. New patients are always seen as the primary form of growth in these websites.

This is why, if you see that your dental websites are showing a high traffic rate, but a low conversion rate, then there is definitely something wrong. A good way to deal with this issue is to find out why your website visitors aren’t converting as they should be. Read on to find out why your dental website visitors aren’t converting into new patients.

It’s hard to book appointments

Because patient appointments are the main form of conversion expected from your website, you should be making it as easy as possible for users to book appointments on your site to maximize their website visits.

If it’s difficult for users to book appointments on your site, or if you don’t have the feature altogether, then you will definitely see a dip in your conversions. Always check your appointment system process and make sure that there are no difficulties for users to book their appointments.

No calls to action

It doesn’t seem like much, but a call-to-action can go a long way in helping boost conversions. A call-to-action acts as a sort of prompt to urge users to perform the action to convert.

A dental website with a lack of calls to action will make it difficult for users to convert as it will be difficult for them to determine where they’re expected to perform the conversion action. When designing your website and implementing your website copy, always make sure to make use of calls-to-action within certain points in your website text.

A problematic user experience

An all-too-common cause behind a lack of website conversions on dental websites is the simple fact that users are having difficulty with navigating the website, which leads to problematic user experience as a whole.

If users are already having a hard time with navigating your website, it will be hard to convince them to convert, as your dental websites act as a sort of online representation of your practice as a whole. If it’s difficult for them to deal with your site, then this might give off the impression that your dental services are going to lack patient consideration as well.