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Business owners need an edge over their competitors. Dentists, for example, need to find a target market that is solely theirs. They do this by identifying their target market through demographics. This is the key factor in determining which group of people fit the mold of the ideal patient in dental practice marketing.

Demographics is the statistical analysis of people or a group. It identifies their age, gender, job, and location. It may even include their personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. It enables any marketer to have an idea of who will likely enjoy the products and services that a business offers. It empowers them to create meaningful and more relevant content on their websites, blog pages, and social media profiles.

Marketing to Generational Groups

Baby Boomers and Millennials have very different buying habits and power. Baby Boomers have bigger savings in the bank but they are less likely to use this money for non-essentials. It is easier to market to Millennials and Generation X even with their limited resources. However, it is worth taking note that if you’re not marketing to millennials via the internet, that’s no way of getting into their good graces.

Marketing to Age Ranges

Although similar to generational groups, marketing to age ranges goes beyond generations. For example, an insurance agent will interest a couple from the Millennial generation and Generation X simply because they are starting their own families. Their decision to purchase an insurance policy will not be based on what generation they came from, but on what point they are in their lives.

Marketing to Families

Families have different structures. In some, the husband is the decision-maker. In others, the wife makes all the decisions. How can you know which one in the couple makes the decision to purchase a car, for example? Or when do couples decide together? When marketing to couples, your campaigns need to lean to the one who’s making the decision financially. This is part of the things that you will study when you research the demographics of your target market.

Using the Right Tools

Knowing the demographics of your audience will help identify the proper tools that need to be used for the marketing campaigns. Millennials and Generation X will respond to social media. Baby Boomers need traditional marketing methods. The Millennial moms of the Alpha Generation can often be persuaded through social media marketing.

Once you have identified the demographics of your audience, you can decide on which dental practice marketing strategies will work on them best.