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Making the decision to hire a dental marketing company to take care of your dental marketing for you is not a decision to be made lightly. It definitely is a big investment in your dental practice, so it’s perfectly natural to be a bit apprehensive at the idea of entrusting your marketing strategy to an outside company.

Part of this apprehension can be attributed to the fact that you don’t know who exactly is handling your marketing strategy. To ease some of that apprehension, learn more about the different departments in a dental marketing company who are involved in your dental marketing strategy.

Content marketing

One of the strongest foundations of your dental marketing strategy is content. No matter how much you pay for your marketing, it’s not going to make much of a difference unless you have good-quality content to back it up. Because of its importance, there is a whole department and role dedicated to content creators to help boost your marketing strategy.

These content creators can create written content for blogs, articles, newsletters, and emails. They can also create visual content which can be used in social media, like infographics.

Social media marketing

With how prevalent and popular that social media has become nowadays, it has become more of a permanent fixture in online marketing strategies. Because of this, you shouldn’t be surprised if you work with a dental marketing company that has a separate social media marketing department.

These people handle the posting and monitoring of social media posts, as well as the analysis of social media metrics, which is used to fine-tune a dental marketing strategy in order to make the most of it.


SEO is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, but it is still one of the most relevant today. No matter how many online marketing trends come and go, SEO still manages to stay relevant, and for good reason.

SEO is often used to maximize traffic through organic search. The people who work in SEO usually handle the specifics of keyword research, the implementation of these, as well as how to incorporate these into other forms of online marketing.

Web design

You may be surprised to learn that web design is still an important part of your dental marketing. Marketing is at play for your website as early as the web design process and a good website can do wonders for your online reputation.