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Companies and organizations depend on their online presence to build their brands. That includes professionals such as dentists and doctors. They are looking for web designers who can build dental websites that will attract and hold captive an audience. This will unlikely to change soon.

There are some skills of a web designer that you should look for when you want a website created for your business or profession. These are the skills that you need in a web designer if you want a creative and effective website.


HTML or the HyperText Markup Language is the foundation of how websites are built. This is one of the most important things that a web designer or web developer can learn. Even if the web designer plans to use CMS language in designing your website, they should have a clear understanding of how these tools work. You should only work with a web designer who knows HTML. This ensures that they can work even without the what-you-see-is-what-you-get CMS editors.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is responsible for the visual appearance of your website. Designers and front-end developers, in particular, use this tool to build the structure and style of each web page. You should look for a web designer who knows CSS because this is the easiest tool you can master if you want to learn how to update some design elements of the dental websites.

Design Sense

A web designer should know more than what colors will work on a site. They should also know about the type of typography to be used, the size of the fonts, and how to use the best images for the dental websites. Can they go for stock images? Should they hire a professional photographer? A designer should also have a clear understanding of how real people interact with a design.

JavaScript and Ajax

Web developers should know JavaScript before learning any other language. This makes the website more interactive. It interacts with the HTML and CSS. Web designers can survive without knowing JavaScript. A basic understanding of how it works is more than enough. It is the developers that should know how websites and applications work under the clout of JavaScript.

Mobile Support

Finally, a web designer should clearly understand how to design a website for mobile devices. There is a staggering number of mobile devices and screen sizes that are being used right now. It pays to hire web designers who know how to convert, transform, and build dental websites according to the requirements of mobile devices.