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By now, you should have realized the power of social media and more importantly, how to use your blog to improve your dental patient marketing strategies. But most dentists have difficulties thinking about what to write on their blogs.

What kind of topics should a dentist write about? What topics do readers want to know? The answers to these two questions are important in the realization of what will bring readers to the dentists’ blog sites. If you want your blog to appeal to readers, these three topics will endear you to any potential clients and boost your dental patient marketing.

Credentials and Experiences

Your patients need to know what your credentials are as a dentist. Talk about your background in dentistry—how you found out you wanted to be a dentist, where you went to school, which internship program was you a part of, what specialization were you interested in, and how you began your practice.

Your patients want to know why they would trust you and what academic background you can take pride in.

Past Cases

You can also talk about past cases you have handled. If there are complicated cases you have handed in the past, you can talk about these on your blog (just don’t mention the names of your patients). Or better yet, you can ask the patients if they will allow their cases to be mentioned.

Why would these cases be important to grab your patient’s attention? Patients like knowing the extent of a dentist’s capacity. When you share the history and the medical abstract of your past cases, you allow potential patients to realize what you’re skilled and experienced to do.


More than anything else, your patients want to know tips about how they can take better care of their dental health. Rather than reading blogs written by non-dentists, patients would rather look for blogs on dental websites. Since you have the authority to talk about how to properly brush your teeth, why regular checkup is essential, what to do with tooth decay problems, and how to handle other oral health issues, you will be the best resource person.

There are many tips you can share about maintaining a healthy set of teeth. You can break down these topics so you can give more focus on each discussion. Give plenty of pointers on each tip, so that your readers will have a better understanding of why these tips are effective.