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For many dental practices, dental practice marketing can be a bit of a chore. After all, you’re a dentist, not a marketer. Because of this, plenty of dental practices are more than happy to hire a dental marketing agency to handle their marketing for them. However, it’s important that you take the time to do the needed research to choose the right dental practice marketing agency for your needs.

However, it is just as important for you to learn what to avoid when choosing a dental marketing agency as it is to know the right things to look out for in your next dental marketing company. Read on to learn more about what you have to avoid when hiring an agency for your dental marketing needs.

Agencies that peddle a “secret sauce”

Something that you should be wary of when you’re hiring a dental marketing agency is when they market their services to be so great that they have to keep it a secret, otherwise, everyone would do it. But it’s yours for the low, low price of this many dollars. You realize that this is the same tactic they use to sell you stuff on the home shopping network, right?

The problem with this point is that the thing about SEO is that there is no “secret sauce” behind it, it takes a lot of hard work that they can do for you, but there’s nothing proprietary about it. You’ll do better to trust a company that is upfront about their plans for your marketing than one that keeps their methods hush-hush.

Agencies whose main selling point is the fact that they’re cheap

While it would be great to save some money on your dental marketing, you should definitely be wary of companies whose main selling point is the fact that they’re cheap. This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for.

Remember that paid marketing is a huge method in the online marketing world now. If you’re not willing to pay for something as affordable as paid marketing, you’re going to get stuck with a bunch of free marketing methods that don’t work.

They’re all glitz, no substance

Sometimes you’ll end up in a meeting with a dental practice marketing agency that leaves you feeling very impressed with their sales pitch. They showed you all of these fancy numbers and projections of your practice’s growth, and suddenly you’re hit by the realization that at its core, they didn’t say anything at all. Be careful with agencies that put more effort into their sales presentations than they do their actual marketing methods, as they won’t be able to help you.