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There was a time when potential patients would look at the Yellow Pages to find a dentist. That’s all gone now. Patients look for dental websites to check out which dentist they should visit. That’s why it’s important to keep your homepage neat and informative.

So, what exactly are the things that should be on your homepage?

Who We Are

Who are the people delivering services in the dental clinic? Your patients want to know who they will be consulting with. On the homepage, you can create a list of the dentists working in your clinic. Turn their names into links, so your patients can click on them and learn about their backgrounds and experiences.

What We Do

So, what exactly do you do? What kinds of services do you offer? The first thing that patients will look at on your homepage is what they can achieve by visiting your clinic. You need to put a list of your services and products on the homepage. That will guide them in deciding whether or not they will consult with you.

How to Reach Us

The most important part of dental websites is the contact form or inquiry form. You need to tell your potential patients how they’ll be able to reach you. Include a contact or inquiry form right on the homepage. It should be easy for them to book an appointment with you or send you an inquiry. Many of your potential patients might belong to the older generation. They may not have the patience to look for the inquiry form on your website. The booking system should be easily accessible and easy to use.

What Is Our Commitment to You

Assure your patients that you are committed to providing excellent service. You should show testimonials and reviews on your page. You can sponsor social media influencers so your clinic can get featured on their pages. It would be nice to partner with these influencers because they have a huge following. They also have a great impact on their followers. Many of their “fans” will follow their lead if they know the influencers visited your clinic.

You should feature video testimonials because most people will believe recommendations and reviews from actual patients. These kinds of reviews are more influential, so you have to put them on your homepage.

Focusing on the homepage of your dental websites will allow you to market to prospects the moment they land on your site. Don’t let go of this opportunity by refusing to see the importance of the homepage.