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The content of your dental websites has a major impact on the decision of a client to avail of your products and services.

But your clients are not looking for just any kind of content. Apparently, they are turned off by transparent self-promotional content that provides them no relevant information about the products, services, and industry your business is involved in.

Your website content should not only inform the visitors, but it should also educate them about the industry and the challenges that it faces.

So, what kind of content must your dental websites have? Here are some examples that you can follow:


Your blogs can contain as many information about the dental practice as you want. In here, you can talk about anything under the sun (though mostly, you need to create curated content that will attract visitors to your site). This is where you can make discussions about the different services and products your practice offers.


Not all your web visitors are fond of reading through a 400-page blog post. You can simplify the information by creating a checklist. Some examples are a checklist for preparing for a root canal, a checklist of things you can eat after dental surgery, a checklist of things not to do after putting on braces, etc.


Everybody loves contests, especially if they are going to win something good from it such as a free dental checkup or discount coupons on dental services. Contests are one of the coolest ways to attract web visitors over to your website.

Expert interviews

Put them either on video format or write about them on a blog post. People understand authority more than anything. If they want to find out about something about dentistry or dental needs, they should be able to come to your website and find relevant information there. In order to be relevant, you need to interview experts in the subject matter. The head of your local dental association is one person you can interview.


Interestingly, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to properly brush their teeth. This is a good example of what kind of tutorial your dental websites can have. You can create an animation for kids and adults alike how to properly brush their teeth.

Reviews and testimonials

Another thing that web visitors look for on your website is the testimonials and reviews. They would want to know if you’re the best dentist they can find in the area and if others, who like them have dental problems, had good experiences with your service.