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Research is the foundation of every great dental marketing campaign. Knowing the appropriate keywords for your marketing campaign is as essential as the message that you are trying to tell your audience. But research isn’t something that a lot of people know what to do. And yes, it is different from stalking someone on Facebook. That’s research, but the creepy kind of research. Determining the keywords you need has a lot to do with understanding your business or dental practice.

Why Is It Important to Do Keyword Research?

If you think of keywords or phrases associated with your dental practice, you can list down hundreds of them. But is it cost-efficient to bid for these words? Remember that when you are using pay-per-click as your marketing method, you will pay for every click that a keyword query generates. Every word matters. You cannot waste a cent of your money on the wrong keyword or phrase.

Brainstorming for Keywords

The first thing you need to do when brainstorming for keywords is to sit down with your team members and write down as many words associated with your dental practice as you can. You don’t have to share your list yet. Just write down as many as you can. Start by asking yourself what your practice does and offers. List down the names of the products and the services that you offer.

From there, think about the location of your dental clinic. What variations do people use when referring to the place? If it’s New York City, some of the variations people use are NYC, New York, or a more specific location such as Coney Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Midtown Manhattan.

Keywords That Your Patients Will Use

Have you ever heard your patients use oral prophylaxis when referring to teeth cleaning? No, right? How about endodontic therapy when referring to a root canal? The question is not whether it’s the right term to refer to a service or product that you offer. The point is if your patients are using these keywords to search for a service that you render.

A quick way to know what keywords your patients use if you search for it on Google yourself. If Google does not produce ads running that same keyword, then it means nobody’s using it. Even your competitors are not using a particular keyword in their dental marketing campaigns.

The most appropriate keywords for your dental practice are the ones that your target audience uses. Who needs a catchy and clever keyword if the people you want to sell your products and services to don’t use them?