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Dental patients love chatbots so saying that your dental marketing strategy will do better with a chatbot is an understatement. Simply put, dental patients feel better knowing that there’s someone who is always present to answer their queries about your schedule, services, fees, and many others. It’s also a fun way to interact with your customers. They’ll have a grand old time interacting with the chatbot, which will learn more things as it converses with more patients.

With a chatbot, instead of the dental patient navigating through a series of web pages, they can just pop open the messenger tab on your website and ask the bot a question. Most chatbots have a wide range of ready answers. They can answer simple and complex questions—from the appointment schedule to what kind of services the patient might need.

So, how exactly does this work? The dental patient needs to set an appointment with you. He wants to do this while in a meeting with his bosses and colleagues. Instead of having to call your receptionist, all the patients need to do is go to your website, open the chatbox, and ask the chatbot to set the appointment for you. This way, the dental patient won’t have to make the call and deal with the secretary. The bot can do that easily.

How can you make the chatbot more intuitive and responsive to the needs of the dental patients? First, you need a welcome page for the chatbot. The welcome screen should contain questions such as “what can I do for you?” and “do you want to set an appointment?” That should be followed by a list of options that patients would usually need such as setting an appointment, knowing open timeslots, and receiving a list of services that your dental clinic offers.

Chatbots are the best assistant for your dental practice. Some dentists might worry that chatbots won’t be as accurate as humans. But that’s just it. Humans are humans. They make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes, they won’t be there to answer the phone or text message. The dental patients on the other end of the line will not want to wait for someone to pick up the phone. What they will do is find another dentist who can accommodate their requests. With a simple human mistake, you’ve already lost a possible loyal patient.

When it comes to improving your dental marketing strategy, you will never go wrong with using a chatbot to better serve your dental patients.