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With the rise of online marketing and its ability for all kinds of businesses to market to a wider audience, more businesses are interested in making use of this to widen their reach and audience. Today, dental SEO is still one of the main forms of online marketing that is still widely used, even today.

Back when SEO was a relatively new concept, far too many people tried to abuse the system by keyword stuffing, shoddy link building, and other blackhat SEO techniques. Today, a legitimate SEO strategy is needed if you want your website to rank, and any blackhat SEO practices are grounds for a penalty or a ban.

The reason why SEO is still as popular as it is today is that it is still one of the most effective ways to obtain organic traffic, which leads to higher conversions. To help you understand this better, learn more about how dental SEO helps users find your dental website online.

Site rankings

Search engine results are still the number one method that users utilize to determine which websites they should be visiting. Even if they don’t know the name of your website, they trust the algorithm enough that they believe that your website is the most relevant one for their specific dental health needs.

Another reason why top spots on search engines are so highly sought after is that online users tend to not care about results past the first few ones. If you want your dental website to be found, then you need to aim for the front page of search engine results for all the keywords that you’re trying to target.

Google My Business

However, with the fast progression of online technology, SEO is not heavily reliant on search engines anymore to help increase online visibility. Programs like Google My Business has made it easier for businesses to list their companies with Google, which displays your information and user reviews right in a directory.

However, for your listing to show up, you need to target the right keywords, which is why dental SEO still plays a key role in the success of this particular method. This allows users to find all of the information that they need about your dental practice in one place, which is great for obtaining new patients and conversions.

Social media

With the popularization of social media, this platform has become one of the pillars in today’s world of dental marketing. In fact, SEO can be integrated into social media itself nowadays. With features like Facebook Marketplace being a significant part of social media, more and more users are turning to social media to find specific products and services that they need, right from the social media platform itself.