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When you put your dental websites together, it is pretty much a given that you’re creating these with the intention of achieving your website’s goals and objectives. As a dental practice, the most common goal for you would be to increase your patient rates.

These are usually determined by the number of actual patients you get in a month and the metrics that accompany these. However, you need to make sure that you’re following the right website metrics in order to determine if your website is accomplishing the goals that you’ve set for it.

It can be very easy to follow metrics that don’t make much of a difference in the success of your dental websites. These are called vanity metrics. It’s important to watch out for these to make sure that you’re properly tracking the success of your website’s marketing and progress. Here are some vanity metrics that don’t really matter.

Social media fans and followers

Social media is quickly becoming the primary platform of choice when it comes to online marketing. It makes sense why this has become successful in today’s online landscape, given that a majority of online users are on some form of social media.

As long as you learn how to use it properly, it is possible for you to see great success with the use of social media and its collaboration with your dental website. However, it’s important that you don’t get dazzled by the number of people who follow your social media pages.

It can be very easy for you to get caught up in wanting to boost your page numbers, but you should be more focused on engagement and conversion rates on your social media. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand followers on social media if they don’t become actual patients. It’s better to focus on conversion rates as these are more likely to lead to actual patient rates.

Website visitors

You might assume that website traffic is the most important metric for your dental websites, but you should know that on its own, it doesn’t make much of an impact on the overall success of your website and marketing. This is because website traffic does not guarantee that these website visitors have become patients.

If they aren’t making appointments on your website, then these website visitors aren’t doing your marketing much good. It is significantly more beneficial to your website and marketing to go after online appointment rates and other forms of conversions that you have set for your site’s goals.