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Are you an expert in dental implants or Invisalign treatment? Did you train in cutting-edge technology for dental procedures? Do your customers know that? Most of the time, dentists don’t even market themselves to their patients. They are so busy targeting them with an awareness campaign that they forget choosing dentists is all about trust and credibility. That’s why you should make sure your target audience knows through your dental websites that you are the best at what you do.

Why should a new patient choose you over the other dentists? Why should they pass on 50 other dentists on their drive to your clinic? And yes, that happens. People are willing to drive for miles to reach someone they trust and believe is the best. When it comes to their dental health, patients are a lot choosier in terms of the person they’re going to entrust with taking care of it.

Have you published papers about dentistry? Have you written a journal or white paper? You have to let your patients know that you’re an expert in dental procedures and treatments. They won’t take your word for it, but they will look at the papers, blogs, and journals you have written, as well as any expert interview you’ve done in the past.

Write Unique Content

You can’t be like everybody else. You have to be a cut above them. If you’re producing the same content as them, what will separate you? Why will customers believe that you are the best in your industry? Show them your expertise by writing about your particular specialty. If you have extensive learning in Invisalign, then write everything to know about it. Divide your topics so you do not have to write long and winding blog articles about them. Focus on giving them morsels of information with verifiable background and statistics.

Record Videos

Have you ever been interviewed for a news spot? Can you get a recording of that? Have you ever shared your thoughts about your expertise with a news program, a documentary, or even a school project? Did you participate in a school or community program? These show that you have the proof to back up your expertise. Too many times, dentists claim expertise on subject matters they haven’t even been invited to talk about in any conference or seminar.

Patients are willing to go to great lengths to have someone of your expertise to consult with about their dental problems. Make sure to show proof of this expertise on your dental websites.