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Have you ever used the word emergency when looking for a service provider on Google? If you have, you know how effective that word is in filtering the various companies that offer the same services. This has the same effect on dental websites. Using the keyword “emergency” can land any dental website on top of Google’s search results.

Not many dental clinics and practices offer emergency dental services. However, people suffer all the time from dental issues. Sometimes, it happens in the middle of the night. Though tooth pain is no reason to drive to the nearest emergency room, it does trigger the search for a dental clinic that can take on an emergency case as soon as the sun rises.

No one sleeps through a toothache and that’s why people who have dental problems go sleepless the whole night to find a dental clinic that can help alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, many dental clinics do not accept walk-in patients or you’d have to go through weeks of full booking appointments before you can find a slot. That will not work well if you are already suffering from your dental problem.

This is why it’s important to provide emergency dental care. That will set you apart from your competitors. If you include the word emergency on your dental websites, Google will most likely identify your website and it’ll come up when the word dental emergency is used on the search bar. The next thing you know, there’ll be a barrage of possible clients knocking on your door.

And yes, this is important because this will set you apart from your competitors. While they are busy trying to attract potential clients from the same target market, you’ll have them coming in droves all because of one thing: you can provide immediate comfort to whatever it is they are suffering from, dental-wise.

Here’s just one thing you need to remember when using a specific keyword to encapsulate an audience: you need to be able to offer that service. If it’s emergency care they seek, you need to deliver on that. Otherwise, you’ll get horrid reviews from people who you hoodwinked into thinking you can do a procedure at 6 o’clock in the morning but you arrived at 8 or 9 AM.

If there’s something you should never do when it comes to your dental profession, it’s making patients think that they can count on you while they’re having a great dental meltdown but you’re unable to deliver on that promise.