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If you are not updated with the current trends in dental practice marketing, your brand is going to suffer. There’s no way you will be able to survive the onslaught of changing marketing strategies if you don’t follow or at least, keep up with the trends. Digital marketing is constantly evolving. There are new tools and systems every day that will make marketing your dental practice easier.

While you can live in ignorance and be blissfully unaware of the changes in the dental industry, your customers, target market, and competitors are not. They will look for new ways to market their products and services while you suffer the consequences of not giving any effort.


Chatbots are like your personal assistant. The best thing about them is they don’t need compensation and benefits? You pay a fixed monthly fee for them and they are all yours. They’re active 24/7, too, which means your patients will always get the information they need. These days, chatbots are incredibly smart. They can detect if the patient is asking for information they cannot provide. They can alert you to log in and answer the questions posed by the patient.

Voice Searches

With devices like Amazon’s Alexa coming into being this past couple of years, voice searches will be more popular than ever. This means a change in SEO, too. Keywords shall now be written depending on how a person speaks and not how he types. This will be a game-changer in the SEO marketing of dental practices.

Shoppable Posts

For years, retailers have been trying to find a way to convert social media following to sales and profit. Pinterest was one of the first social media platforms to offer shoppable posts. This means that a patient or customer can directly purchase or book an appointment through a post. There’s no need to leave the app and open another app or a different browser to visit your dental website. Patients should be allowed to book an appointment after just one click of a button.


Social media influencers are calling the shots. There are pricing tables and fees. In short, they are expensive and not all dental practices can afford them. Your best bet is to go with micro-influencers. They have about 30,000 followers, which is large enough to be influential but small enough to remain engaged with their followers. A study found out that micro-influencers have 60% higher engagement while being six times more cost-effective than big-time dental practice marketing influencers.