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Did we just wake up one day and the above-the-fold design is no longer that great of an idea? Was it because of people’s preference to browse the internet using their mobile devices? What has changed on dental websites that forced them to adopt the single-page and long-scrolling design?

Increase Engagement

How has storytelling on dental websites evolved over the years? There is more engagement now on stories you tell on your website. The long-scrolling feature of websites helps people get more involved in what’s happening. The key is to post a lot of great content on your site. This is an effective way to get your web visitors to be interested in your site and what you have there. They will keep on scrolling as long as they find great content on your site.

Easy and Speedy Loading

What’s the number one rule for web developers? Make a website load fast. Web visitors only have about five seconds’ worth of patience to wait for the web page to load. of your web visitors are patient enough to wait for more than five seconds for a web page to load. That’s why users now prefer to browse sites where they no longer have to open separate web pages. That cuts down on the number of seconds they have to wait each time they click on a link.

Perfect for Mobile and Touchscreen Users

More than 80% of the world has an internet connection these days and there are over 5 billion mobile devices in the entire world. What do these numbers tell you? It has become significantly important for web designers and web developers to create a website that will be fun for the visitors to browse through. Instead of focusing on the above-the-fold information, web designers and developers can instead focus on providing a great scrolling experience for web users.

There’s a drop in the use of laptops and computers because mobile devices are just so much easier to use. The implementation of touchscreen technology further pushed the long-scrolling feature to be significantly important on dental websites.

When it comes to long-scrolling websites, you should keep one thing in mind: elegance. This is a quality that a long-scrolling website should have. Remember that all your stories are going to be on just one page. While there should be transitions, the stories have to be cohesive and connected. This way, the website can promote your content in a more powerful manner.