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For a lot of people, dental SEO is still an enigma that they have no hope of understanding. Because of this, they tend to disregard this method of online marketing, which means that they end up missing out on a large part of their dental marketing which could have benefitted them significantly.

You should know that all you need for a good dental SEO method is a strong foundation of good-quality content, as well as other meta information that can help your website content rank on search engines. Meta titles and descriptions are important for your SEO, so these need a lot of attention to get right. To help you get this right, here are some tips to help you write effective meta descriptions for your SEO.

Take note of the length

One of the most basic parts of putting together a good meta description is the length of the description. To understand the length, you should be informed of the fact that meta descriptions are those short blurbs that show up with the website name when you look up something on a search engine. The length of your meta description should be about 135 to 160 characters, but it can fluctuate depending on the current changes in the SEO algorithm that may have been applied.

There should be a strong call-to-action

Your meta description is an online user’s first look into what your website offers, and you should give them a reason to choose your website for their specific needs. Because of this, you need to offer good information about your website and a strong call-to-action in the limited number of characters that you are provided with.

You will need a unique description for every page on your website

Be careful when you create your meta descriptions for your dental SEO that you don’t end up writing the same meta description twice for two different pages. Duplicate meta descriptions will confuse the website crawlers, which means that it will be difficult for search engines to rank your website properly. This leads to poor results with your SEO methods.

Be aware of the fact that this is done in HTML

As much as possible, stick to letters and numbers when writing out your meta descriptions. Avoid any quotation marks, especially doubled quotation marks, as this can mess up the final output of your meta description when it is published on your website. This is because your website’s text is written in HTML, so anything like double quotation marks can be read differently in the final output.