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Attracting and retaining customers and generating an income from web and store visits seem to be an easy goal for a dental marketing company, especially if the marketing strategies are planned, executed, and measured well. While most companies are great at marketing their products and services, only a few have really made a name for themselves through their marketing tactics.

Planning phase

As always, the planning phase will start whatever kind of strategy you have in your mind for the dental practice. It is the most important step to a fulfilled marketing strategy because it outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the dental practice, as well as the shifts in the industry, development in technology, and the challenges presented by the competition.

This is where you outline every pros and con of the dental marketing plan. This is where you list down the goals of every marketing strategy and ways on how you can reach each and every one of these goals. The planning phase is also where you create an overview of how the marketing strategy will be implemented.

Implementation phase

This is the action phase of the process. If the dental marketing company cannot carry out and implement the plan, then the hours and energy spent on planning a marketing strategy will be wasted. However, the reason why the planning phase is the most important step in the process of carrying out a marketing task is that it should also outline how the strategy will be implemented.

In the implementation phase, it only needs to follow the steps and the tasks listed down during the planning phase. By developing a schedule, those who were tasked to finish the marketing assignments will be able to follow a timeline of the goals and milestones they need to reach.

Evaluation or control phase

This is where you check every nook and cranny of the marketing plan and the way it was implemented. It is hard to imagine how the goals of a marketing plan can be reached without evaluating how the strategy was executed.

This process involves making sure that the results of the program are in line with the goals set out during the planning stage. Both the planning and implementation phases must have been executed successfully for the evaluation phase to be equally successful.

This phase can correct deviations from the plan, as well as highlight the positive results of each task and develop these tasks as the dental marketing company sees fit.