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You can use stock photos for your dental websites, but they wouldn’t nearly be as successful as taking your own photos. Over the years, web design and social media have reinvented themselves to focus more on visuals than text posts. And this works for businesses and professions trying to find their target audience on the internet. On social media, more than 90% of user-generated content are either videos or photos. This volume speaks to the desire of social media and internet users to see than to read.

There’s a range of concerns, however, for dentists before they choose the photos that they’d want to include on their websites.

How Do I Choose the Best Photos?

What are the photos that you need to post on your dental websites? What do your patients expect to see when they land on your dental websites? Experts suggest that you should always choose the photos that are representative of the products and services that you’re selling. Several studies, for example, pointed out that the subjects of the photos can guide a user’s eye. Someone whose face is turned toward a call-to-action or product will lead the attention of the web user to the same detail.

Where Do I Find the Photos I Need?

There are websites that offer stock photos for free. You can also sign up for a premium membership. However, if you can take your own photos and images, you might be better off doing that. This gives you the freedom to specifically choose an image that will send the right message to your target audience. You have more control over the images on your website when you are the one taking these photos. You don’t need to have a professional camera, too. Your smartphone is enough to take stunning photos that you can include on your site.

How Much Do I Need to Spend?

This depends on your budget. Stock photos are mostly free but this also means you’ll have on your website the same photos that other sites use. Taking photos of random people on the street is not allowed. You need someone to model for you. That can be anyone from a professional model to a relative you’ll promise a box of pizza to. Your model needs to be willing to have his or her face plastered on your dental websites.

Invest in good photos and photoshoots. A great photographer can add value to your dental websites.