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Do people think the customers initially and automatically leave positive reviews on dental websites? When you read about good reviews and recommendations on websites and social media, do you think these are very common and that the dentist has nothing to do with it? The truth about having your reviews on the website and social media pages is much harder than it looks. Dentists have to work very hard to provide good customer service and they also have to convince the patients to leave reviews and recommend their services to their network.

Quality Service

As a patient, would you make an effort of writing a positive review for your dentist’s website? Would you even take the time out of your busy schedule to write a scathing review, detailing your disappointments? No, right? Because here’s another truth: patients do not have the inclination to leave a review—whether positive or negative. They don’t see the point of recommending your services (unless others asked them about you) or even slandering your practice (no matter how badly they felt they were treated). They simply want to get on with their lives without thinking about how great or bad you were.

So, it is up to you—the dentist—how you can convince patients to leave reviews on your dental websites and to recommend your practice to their friends and family.

Make the Conversation a Part of the Consultation

To be completely upfront with your patients, make sure they are aware that you will be asking for a review after the procedure or consultation is done. Telling them your intention for asking reviews will be welcomed. Most customers expect that businesses and service providers will ask for reviews and referrals. But when the business owner (or, in this case, the dentist) is not upfront about the intentions, that’s when issues start to crop up.

Ask Directly

There is nothing wrong or shameful about asking for reviews and recommendations. It is, in fact, the most natural thing in the world to ask for reviews. If a professional wants to prosper, they will ask for a review. You know this is integral in the decision-making of clients. You know very well that clients are now looking for ratings and reviews before deciding whether they should support a business or not. Just ask your patients if they can, with their busy schedules, say something about your services and post it on your dental websites.