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In today’s digital age, the importance of the incorporation of various features is important to keep up with today’s audiences. In dental websites, this is very prevalent, as these websites are filled with all kinds of features to make it much easier for patients to get everything they need from the dental practice in one page, save for the actual procedure itself.

Nowadays, it is now possible to schedule your appointments online and even go all the way to making your payments through the website. In fact, if you don’t have the basic feature of scheduling, some people would argue that your dental websites are outdated. One of the most important features you can have on your website is the live chat feature.

For some website owners, the inclusion of this feature doesn’t make much sense. After all, patients come to your dental website to learn more information about your dental practice and the different services that you offer. Some of them might take it a step further and look for more information and guides on proper dental health and hygiene, but at the core of it all, as long as you give them access that they need to learn about your dental practice, then you don’t really need a live chat feature, right?

Actually, when implemented properly, a live chat feature can do a lot for the benefit of your dental practice in terms of lead generation. Optimistically, a dental website that offers all of the aforementioned features, from appointment scheduling to information hubs, the potential patient will go and seek these features out themselves.

However, realistically, not all potential patients are going to go straight to these features. They may have questions of their own that are not available on your website. If they don’t find the answers to these questions, then they may choose to opt-out of your website and look elsewhere.

With a live chat feature on the other hand, it is possible for you to address any of their questions in real-time, which provides them with a level of customer service that people look for in physical practices but find it difficult to find through online channels.

With this feature, not only can you address their questions and concerns, but you can also use this to direct them to your scheduling and other website features for them to make use of. This process can help increase the number of leads and conversion that you can get from your dental websites.