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If your dental practice has a presence on social media but you are not taking advantage of the opportunities to boost your dental SEO and thus, your page’s ranking on Google, then you’re losing the biggest advantage of the internet age.

Social media are the most valued ally of SEO. Although it has no direct effect on the ranking of a website or a landing page, an effective social media marketing will influence the success of a dental practice’s website on Google and other search engines.

Create link opportunities

Dental SEO works this way: web visitors need to click on your link, land on your website or webpage, and take the call for action. This is the journey that we all want to see every time there are new visitors on our website.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to advertise content on the internet. One of the most practical ways to get our site’s content out there is to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is where the majority of our stakeholders are “hanging around.”

Blogs, legitimate influencers, like-minded interest groups, online forums, and even our competition can link to our website’s content using our shared posts on social media.

What better way to know what we post about than sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and hoping that our intended audience will click on the link, visit our website, and share the content either on their own blog pages or their social media accounts. Either way works for dental practices.

Increase brand mentions

Google’s algorithm is set to recognize brands by how many times they are mentioned in the world wide web. If your dental practice starts getting more noticed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For example, Google will see this as a new “entity,” which means you are a new person, place, thing, a concept that deserves its attention. All you need as a startup dental practice is for Google to recognize your website or webpage as a legitimate one. Once this is done, it is easier to attract an audience to the content you post.

Develop partnerships

There are three relationships you need to build on social media: brand fans, influencers, and strategic partners. Brand fans are those who love your brand and will mention you without cajoling and persuasion. Influencers are those pages with a large following that can boost your dental SEO.

Lastly, strategic partners are non-competitive businesses or influential persons in the industry who can co-create content with the purpose of attracting clients who are in need of relevant information.