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One of the oldest forms of marketing that is still very much in use today and is still highly relevant is dental SEO. Despite the numerous advances in online technology and the constant changes in search algorithms, SEO is still one of the most effective ways to get your websites seen through organic search methods.

However, despite its widespread use and popularity, it is still very much misunderstood and at times, even abused by online marketers. Before, when you abuse the SEO algorithms to get your website to the tops of search engine results, there weren’t much in terms of consequences, but nowadays, if you utilize black-hat SEO practices, you risk getting your website penalized.

Unfortunately, plenty of people still make use of these practices simply because they don’t know any better. To guarantee a well-rounded dental SEO strategy, here are the simple do’s and dont’s of SEO.


Do place a priority on quality, readable content

One of the biggest differences that you can observe between old SEO and the SEO that you see nowadays is where the priorities are. Before, SEO used to be heavily focused on keywords and how many keywords you can stuff into a single article.

Because SEO wasn’t so heavily regulated before, keyword stuffing was a good way to get your website ranking well. Nowadays, your website is more likely to rank with good-quality, informative content. When putting together your SEO strategy, it’s important to place more of a focus on content than anything else.

Do make your website mobile-friendly

One of the biggest differences in SEO today is the inclusion of mobile technology in the search rankings. Because mobile technology is becoming the norm today, and search engines are making it a requirement for you to accommodate these users. Mobile-friendly websites are more likely to rank better compared to websites that focus only on desktop optimization.


Don’t generalize your SEO focus

Don’t generalize your dental SEO focus. Make sure that you include the local address and location when it comes to optimizing your SEO keywords. It’s important to focus your SEO as much as possible.

Don’t obsess over keyword matching

Keywords are not always completely coherent when you lift them from keyword research tools. As a result, a lot of the content created before tend to lack coherence in its efforts to incorporate these keywords. Nowadays, there is less pressure to keyword match and instead, you should be focusing on quality content above everything else.