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As a dental practice, it is pretty much a given that your patients are the lifeblood that keeps your practice alive. Because of this, a lot of your dental marketing efforts are directed at helping you land new patients in your practice. For some dental practices, this poses a rather interesting challenge because plenty of practices have relied heavily on word-of-mouth and other similar forms of marketing to get their practice’s names out there. However, if you want to land more patients for your dental practice, you have to learn how to adapt. Read on to learn about six excellent dental marketing ideas to help you land new patients.

Set up your social media

One of the first things that you should do to attract more patients is to set up your social media pages. As a dental practice, a good social media marketing strategy can make a world of difference for your marketing strategy. There is an entire audience waiting for you to market to them as long as you plan out your social media marketing properly.

Get patient testimonials

Everyone has qualms about going to the dentist, so you want to alleviate some of their fears by featuring some of the testimonials about the experience that your current and previous patients have had when they chose your practice for their dental health needs.

Get into blogging

You want to raise your professional authority as a dental practice, and one way to do that is by getting into blogging. By consistently putting out high-quality content about the topics that your patients are interested in with regards to dental health, you are giving them everything that they need to know to keep their teeth in great condition.

Work on your dental website

Your dental website can be a rich source of conversions for new patients if you know what you’re doing. Make sure that you invest in the features that your website can offer your patients to make it easier for them to book appointments and pay for their dental health services from your website.

Explore other online marketing options

In a world where online technology is at the front and center of commercial technology, you have to place more emphasis on your online marketing options. Consult with a dental marketing company like Big Smile Marketing to help you determine the right online marketing services to use for your practice.

Evaluate your practice as a whole

Finally, you have to take a close look at your dental practice to determine if there is anything that you have to do to improve the impression that your practice is giving to potential patients. Everything from initial impressions to after-care needs to be evaluated to see if there’s anything you can do from the physical standpoint to attract new patients.