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One of the most recommended dental marketing methods that you can use for your dental websites is blogging. When done properly, a proper blogging strategy can set a solid foundation for the rest of your dental marketing strategies.

Your blog content can provide you with a solid content marketing strategy, boost SEO, and can be used in your social media marketing to boost your online presence. However, it can be difficult to come up with blog post ideas at the beginning.

There are ways to go about doing this, of course. You can do your research and look at the market to see what your target user base is reading when it comes to your industry. However, to help you get started, here are some simple blog post ideas you can use on your dental websites.

Dental services

Of course, users visit your dental websites to learn about the dental services that you offer, so it would help your marketing to discuss at length about your dental services and what each one entails. A lot of patients get nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist because of how unfamiliar and intimidating the environment can be.

By explaining the dental services that you offer on your website, you are educating your patients about what a particular service does and how it can help with their dental health, which alleviates some of their fears about the procedure.

After-care articles

A lot of patients are only concerned about the before and during a dental procedure and realize the importance of the after a little too late. Providing articles about the after-care that is needed after specific dental procedures can help your patients and is a quality topic that your patients will definitely be interested in reading.

Dental hygiene topics

We’ve been brushing our teeth for so long that we can’t really be sure if we’re doing the right thing when it comes to our dental health. You can write about the right way to brush and floss, not to mention how often you should be visiting your dentist for cleanings and checkups.


Users are bound to have a lot of questions when they visit your dental websites, so it would be good practice to take note of some of the most common questions they might have and write about it. This gives you plenty of content to work with at the beginning of your blogging strategy as well as helps boost your website as a source of valuable information.