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Because not every dental practice can afford dental marketing strategies, some develop their own marketing campaigns with the aim of improving their clientele. And while that may work for some practices, it is not for everybody.

Meaning, there are tell-tale signs that it’s time for you to hire a professional marketing team that can deliver effective solutions to your marketing problems.

What signs are these? You know these signs. You are aware of them though you may not fully realize what these signs mean.

Fewer inquiries than before

Don’t think that your target market is simply saving on dental costs as to the reason why there are no inquiries about your dental services.

If you notice that there are fewer phone calls, messages, emails, and other forms of communication asking about your services and products, then it might be a sign you need dental marketing strategies crafted for you.

Obviously, your website or social media accounts are not reaching your potential audience. Your market may be searching for dental services but maybe because you are not using SEO, your page is not appearing on Google’s top page.

No new or returning customers

Aside from fewer inquiries, you might have noticed that there are no new or even returning customers to your practice. What happened to your loyal clients, the ones who go to your clinic every month to have their teeth cleaned?

They don’t literally just stopped taking care of their teeth, do they? The problem is you may have been too complacent to the point of not trying anymore, social-media wise. Your clients want to see you.

They need to feel your online presence if they will continue to become your customers. Constant engagement and regular blog posts are needed to remind them about your many dental services.

The website is not attracting traffic

How is your website faring among its competitions? Are you the top-ranking dental website? Are you even on the first page of Google’s search result? If you are not, better think again.

Potential customers will only look at the first five search results that Google will come up with. If you are not on that list, there’s a slim chance that you’ll get noticed.

You’ll see that when you review your website’s traffic. If it’s stagnant or lower than before, it’s time to pull the big guns and call professional marketing services.

Web visitors not purchasing or booking appointments

What are your web visitors doing on your website? If they are not booking appointments, it might be because they don’t know how. Maybe your website is vague about it.

Your site’s design and layout are also marketing tools that you can use to enhance your dental practice’s online presence. Make sure that there is a dedicated online form where your clients can book appointments. Or, post your contact information so they know what number to call.