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You cannot think of anything to write about on your dental websites. You’re fresh out of ideas. It seems that you have already written and talked about all the tips you can about taking care of your patients’ teeth and gums. What more can you write about? Look at your older posts (articles from when you first launched your website). Is there something there that can be updated? Have you written about any claims that need to be adjusted or changed?

Few professionals and business owners take the time to review their older blog posts. They continue to squeeze their brains out for fresher ideas and topics, never knowing that the best topics to write about might be on their dental websites already. There are many great reasons why you need to update your old blog posts, but we’ll focus on these three here:

Increase Click-through Rate

When you search for a keyword on Google, the top results are mostly articles written in the past year or so. Rarely will you find articles written over a decade ago, except for some truly technical and unique topics. People only click on links that have been published a year or a couple of years ago. When you update your blog post, the date will become recent again. Web users will want to see what you have to say about these topics once more. That will improve the number of visits that the page has.

Fix Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Revisiting your older blog posts will allow you to fix glaring grammar and spelling mistakes. Were you really that bad in grammar years ago? Yes. Everybody improves over the years. The way you write now isn’t the same as the way you write when you were in college or when you were just starting in the industry. You can rewrite older blog posts, fix grammar and spelling issues, and improve the sentence structure.

Improve Data Accuracy

The data you presented before may not be accurate now anymore. The data you wrote about six months ago may not be accurate now, so you can change those blog posts, too. Improving the accuracy of your blog posts will also improve the search engine optimization of the dental websites and thus, your page’s search engine ranking. You will also make the content more relevant and useful for your web visitors. You should edit the blog post in a way that will show the older content still. This allows your readers to see the difference in the period that passed.