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You already understand the importance of dental marketing in your practice. You know you need a well-designed website. You produce videos to attract more audience to your site. You write blogs to share relevant information with your patients. The only thing left to do is combine these two components: blogging + video = vlogging.

Vlogging is the most cost-effective way of raising awareness about your brand. You don’t need to spend much and yet, you’re going to attract the market you want. Find out why vlogging should be your best friend right now.

Everyone Loves Videos

YouTube has a monthly user number of about two billion. Every month, over 1.8 billion people are watching about six billion hours of videos on YouTube. That should put things in perspective. It is how important videos have become in this day and age. Here’s another statistic for you to ponder on: 92% of mobile viewers love to share videos to their network.

It doesn’t take much effort to create a video or a vlog. All you need is a trusty smartphone or camera and you can create a stunning dental marketing video for your practice. Everyone loves it. Even your staff will be happy to know you’re now creating videos for the business.

The best thing about videos is that they are so easy to understand… even if you’re using a talking head such as yourself. As long as you keep the topic interesting and the video short, your viewers should stick around and find out what you’re offering.

Videos Humanize You

There is such a thing as dental anxiety. Do you know about that? It’s real. More than 80% of Americans have not visited a dentist even when there is a real problem because of their fear of dentists. You can alleviate these fears by making a video. These videos intend to humanize you. They bring you closer to your audience.

And it’s not only you that should be on the video. You can ask past patients and industry partners to make video testimonials about your dental practice. Many of your potential patients will realize that you’re the “real deal” because of these videos.

Everyone’s Doing It

Look, everyone’s into vlogging. Artists are making vlogs. Musicians are sharing their music via vlogging. Even politicians are making vlogs because they realized not harnessing its power could be the biggest mistake they do. So if everyone’s doing it, why aren’t you? It’s great for dental marketing. It’s cost-effective. It’s easy. What other reasons could you have for not wanting to get into vlogging?