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Everyone—from the toddlers to the senior adults—needs to go to the dentist at least once a year. They need to get their teeth and gums checked. They need dental procedures to make sure they won’t have oral health problems in the future. That’s a huge number of patients that your dental websites can hope to attract. So, how do you attract them to your dental practice? You need to harness the powers of SEO to get them to notice your website.

Use Local Keywords

If there’s one thing you have to remember about boosting visits to your dental websites, it is to use local keywords for them. Dental practices are local businesses in general. This means that people are looking for dentists in a particular area. They will add the location when they search for a dental clinic in their locality. Your website needs to be optimized for local search.

Also called geo-modified keywords, these increase your website’s chances of getting discovered. These keywords also have less competition, higher commercial intent, and more conversion. Try to avoid broad and generic terms such as dentists and dental clinic. These keywords are being used by multiple websites. The competition is higher and they have lower conversion rates. You should not be targeting them as part of your SEO strategy.

Ask for Reviews

Google now includes reviews on their search results. In fact, these reviews are front and center when you search for a keyword on Google. The more good reviews your dental practice gets, the more likely that patients are going to click on the link and visit your site. This allows you to impress the web visitor with your services and site features.

Make the Site Mobile-friendly

Your dental websites have to look good both on desktop computers and laptops. Mobile devices have already taken over. People love the fact that they can browse the internet using a handy device. If they hit a snag while navigating your website on their mobile phones, they will leave and probably never return again.

Commit to Blogging

There is nothing like a well-thought-out and informative blog post to attract web visitors to your dental websites. Create relevant content that will inform your patients of industry standards, current news, and stock knowledge about dentistry. Make sure your website is a hub of information. You should be the site that patients visit when they need to know something about their oral health.