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Experts believe that colors can influence the way people go about their decision-making process. Using the right colors on dental websites, for example, can trigger the right response on a casual web user. Colors can also change our perceptions of a website, a company, a brand, and an establishment. When selecting a color to be used on your website, carefully consider the kind of message you are trying to send. Make sure to choose a color that will complement the message.


Blue is the most popular color used on medical and dental websites. Web designers use different shades of blue because it represents intelligence and trust. People need to know that they can trust the dentists. They need to be comforted by their decision to go to a particular dental office. The color blue supports this decision because it is trustworthy and credible. According to psychologists, blue is the number one favorite color.


Web designers use the color white for a clean, wide, and open feel. Dentists who choose this color for their websites often want to convey the message that they have a clean environment. Typically, websites with a white color scheme elude the sense of light and purity. It tells patients that they have nothing to hide. Patients love it because of its message of modernity, professionalism, and credibility.


Colors such as brown, taupe, and beige are warm and traditional. These colors are perfect for dental practices in small towns. They attract the local community by making their clinics feel homely and welcome. These websites are not pretentious at all. They give a feeling that the clinic and its dentists can be trusted and that they can feel at home in there.


The color green is for eco-conscious dentists. It is used to convey a dentist’s political views about the environment. This is the color used by web designers when they want to highlight that the dental practice is environment-friendly. It attracts patients because of its organic and natural feel.


You will rarely see dental websites with a red color scheme. Red is typically associated with feelings of rage, anger, and pain. These are the exact feelings that dentists try not to convey to their patients, who are mostly scared enough to face the prospect of going to a dentist and sitting on a dental chair. Although the color red can also exude power and strength, it elicits too many negative emotions that web designers altogether avoid using it on websites.

You should look into the different meanings of colors before you use them on dental websites. Remember that your site’s color scheme will affect the message and tone of your brand.