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Remarketing is a tactic wherein you retarget people who have already visited your website in the past. It is a form of marketing where existing (but not always successful) campaigns are going to be used again for a specific group of people. A dental marketing company can help you come up with a remarketing strategy to persuade past web visitors to book an appointment with your dental practice.

Have you ever visited a site, put in quite several items in the cart, and never checked them out? If you are a shopping cart bouncer, then you are all-too-familiar with the remarketing strategy. Many e-commerce websites use remarketing to offer discounts and promotions to their shopping cart bouncers. This means you might be receiving a coupon from Target for not checking out that pair of shoes you put into your cart before. A coupon for something you already want in the first place? This is a sign, right? This means you should purchase it. And off you go with your credit card.

But this isn’t magic. That coupon you received wasn’t a sign from the universe that you deserve that pair of shoes. Instead, it’s a kind of manipulation from Target to make you want to purchase that item. They know you want it. You just need a little push.

Remarket to Known Customers

The first group you need to target with your dental marketing company are those who have already booked an appointment with you in the past. Were there people who did not return to your clinic for an unknown reason? Collect the names of people who you were expecting to come back but never did so. These are the people who have prior experience with your dental clinic. With a little push, you might be able to persuade them to book another appointment or have their regular check-ups.

At the same time, reach out to those who have inquired in the past and asked for additional information. The interest is there. You just have to give them a nudge for them to realize this is a chance they shouldn’t let pass.

Make a Simple but Powerful Message

You will only get a small window of opportunity to convince people to book an appointment with you. Use that opportunity to make a simple but impactful message. If you’re going to send an email marketing campaign to your past customers, for example, make sure that your call-to-action button is noticeable. Adopt a minimalist design but one strong and sharp message. Make the CTA clickable, too, so your patients don’t need to navigate away to contact your dental clinic.