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Have you noticed a decline in your website’s unique views? Are your dental websites suffering because of lack of valuable content or is there something else that’s troubling the site? When a website suffers, people look at external factors such as the practice’s presence on social media and the campaigns that it used to promote the practice.

But here’s the problem: many websites, including dental websites, fail because they are not being properly maintained. They are performing poorly because of a variety of reasons. These are the reasons:

It’s Not Loading Quickly Enough

A website only has less than a second to make a good first impression. Most web visitors are willing to leave the site and open another one just because it didn’t load at the time they want, which is around two to three seconds. Try to maintain your loading time within that period because a slow load time can be frustrating for anyone, both you and the web visitor.

It’s Not Mobile-friendly

Websites that are not mobile-friendly will have you scrolling up and down and moving left and right just to see what’s written on the screen. Most people won’t bother and will simply leave your site. In 2015, Google made changes in its algorithm that penalize websites without a mobile-friendly version. If you have not optimized your site yet, chances are you are not getting the attention you deserve from your target audience.

It’s Lacking Call-to-action Buttons

Web visitors want to be told what to do once they land on your dental websites. A whopping 80% of websites don’t have call-to-action buttons, which means that web visitors are not being navigated through the actions that the web owners want them to take. Your website has to tell your audience what they need to do the moment they arrive on your site. That gives them a purpose in browsing your website.

Some popular CTA buttons are “subscribe to our blog,” “call now,” “inquire now,” “book an appointment,” and “watch this video.”

It’s About Us Page Is Confusing

How does your About Us page sounds? If it’s too formal and if it uses business jargons, you may fail at connecting with your audience. Focus on conceptualizing your About Us page in such a way that will easily connect to your people. Don’t let it be confusing. It has to tell web visitors what you do and why is it valuable to them.