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It’s easy to think that you can do your own dental marketing? In fact, so many dentists are missing an opportunity to attract clients because they are not investing in the right dental marketing strategies. But dentists are actually thinking that they can make do with their social media presence and just writing a blog here and there. This is farther from the truth and what you should look into is a dental marketing company that will know exactly how to promote your practice.

Is The Company A General Marketing Company Or A Company That Specializes On Dental Marketing?

If you need a dental marketing strategy, then look for a dental marketing company. You don’t want general marketing companies to test their campaigns on your practice. You need a company that knows exactly what to do. Generalist marketing agencies would test our campaigns they are not sure would work for a dental practice. This is a waste of time and you cannot waste your money on it, too.

Are They Experienced With Local SEO?

We said so before, dental practices are local businesses. This means that the target audience is the local community. The marketing agency needs to have a strategy on how to get you to the local business listing on Google—the Local 3-Pack and Google My Business. It also needs to build links and citations, as well as connect to other local businesses and community activities.

How Will They Ask Reviews From Customers?

Let’s face it: dentists are not exactly people’s best friends. As much as possible, we try not to think about our need to see a dentist. And when you’ve already found a dentist you’re comfortable in, there is no way you’re going to a new dentist, right?

Apparently, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal reviews. About 72% said positive reviews make them trust a business more. A marketing agency can ask reviews from customers in-person or they can follow up with clients through emails, phone calls, and other methods. They can also advise you to offer an incentive in exchange for a review.

What Is Their Projection For Your Dental Practice?

Don’t listen to general and vague strategies. You need to know how much growth the dental marketing company is projecting for your practice. Which channels will be successful for the campaigns? What kind of SEO growth will your practice expect? And when does this growth happen? A month? A year? You need actual numbers to go with your expectations.