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Your dental websites are designed to be a tool that your users and potential patients can use to learn more about your dental services and to book appointments for your dental practice. However, you should know that there is more to a functional website than just having a website. It needs to function properly and provide your patients with information about your dental practice that they’re looking for.

If your dental website is not designed properly, you risk alienating your users and patients, which can lead to a decrease in your analytics and other website statistics. Here are some practices in your dental websites that you should be avoiding.

No appointment system

When potential patients check out your dental website, there are a number of goals that they have in mind, whether it’s to learn more about your dental practice or to look up more information about dental health in general. If they think your practice might be a good fit for their dental health needs, they will want to book an appointment with your practice.

Having an online appointment system on your website is important to maximize each user visit on your site. If they can’t find an appointment system, they will very likely look elsewhere for their dental needs.

No social proof

Visiting the dentist is something that many of us have been afraid of, at some point in our lives. Because of this fear, we tend to turn to dental practices who we know and feel as though we can trust. This is where social proof comes in. Having social proof displayed on your dental websites in the form of patient reviews and testimonials helps put users minds at ease, knowing that your dental practice can be trusted to fulfill their dental health needs.

Poor navigation

When a potential patient visits a dental website, they tend to be very straightforward with what exactly they’re hoping to find on the site. It could be information, it could be a new dental provider, or it can even be something as simple as a telephone number. Because of this, it’s important to keep your website navigation as straightforward as possible as well.

You should be making it as easy as possible for users to get from Point A to Point B of your website for maximum conversion rates. Having a complicated navigation style on your websites will just result in frustrated users.

Poor content formatting

Users also visit dental websites in search of information. However, in itself, dental health information can be rather complicated. If your content is formatted poorly, then users aren’t even going to bother with reading your content and will choose to look elsewhere. Make your content easy to read by formatting it properly and using easy-to-read language.