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Because of the numerous changes that the website design and development world goes through, not to mention the shift in trends, you will definitely have to overhaul your dental websites at some point or another. However, one of the main concerns about overhauling a website, especially for practices that are enjoying a good SEO rank, is that you may experience a dip in your ranking when you overhaul a website.

This does happen from time to time, because during the redesign process, elements may get removed or moved around, which can result in a hit to your SEO ranking. However, as long as you work with a good dental marketing company to handle your dental websites, they know what steps to take to prevent this from happening.

Dental marketing companies know how to focus on SEO

The easiest way that dental marketing companies can prevent or minimize a drop in SEO ranking is that they usually have a team dedicated to SEO which takes precautionary measures to help avoid this. The SEO team monitors the website’s SEO rankings and studies the trends and algorithms to make sure that even after a website overhaul, the site still stays at a good rank on search engine results pages.

They way they do this is that the SEO team collaborates with the web design team to make sure that nothing is compromised during the redesign process and that everything is accounted for. Before proceeding with the website overhaul, the entire website is evaluated with specific SEO tools, and to determine which SEO strategies are working for the site, as well as what can be done to improve the rankings.

All the relevant SEO information like keywords and meta information will be noted so that these can be used in the new website and design, especially if these were successful in the old website.

Any overhauling and development is done offline

While the overhaul is being worked on, the old site is still live and active, to avoid losing out on any potential clients and sales. This is also done to avoid any penalties by the search engines that may occur if they detect duplicate text from the two identical websites. All new website development is done through a site that cannot be crawled by the search engines.

Take advantage of the overhaul

One way to guarantee the success of the overhaul of your dental websites is by taking advantage of the overhaul and redesign to improve certain aspects of your sites that were difficult to accomplish before. Overhauling your site and improving your site’s responsiveness, load time, and optimizing website elements for SEO are just some of the steps that you can take.