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Dental practice marketing is one of the industries that have evolved significantly when the age of digital technology took over. In a lot of ways, this has been very beneficial, as this has allowed smaller dental practices to have the same amount of online presence as larger dental practices and at a fraction of the price.

However, there are some practices that like to stick to traditional marketing methods. This might end up hurting our practice rather than helping. Here are some outdated dental practice marketing methods that you should stop doing.


Before, it was difficult for small dental practices to keep up with larger dental practices because many of them were taking out ad space on billboards. Nowadays, you should know that using billboards is a very expensive form of marketing that doesn’t work as well anymore.

While it certainly is eye-catching, people simply aren’t really paying attention to billboards anymore while they drive. Billboards are too general and don’t really do much for targeted advertising, which makes it a very costly expense without any of the returns.

Television commercials

TV commercials are another way that larger dental practices had a huge advantage over smaller dental practices. However, today, TV commercials are no longer an effective marketing method simply because a lot of people don’t really watch television anymore.

In a world where online streaming is the popular option and where people no longer like watching commercials, using TV commercials to promote your dental practice is no longer an effective marketing method. And since you have to pay to have your commercial aired, it is an expensive method as well.

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages used to be the number one source of information for customers to find healthcare providers, home repair professionals, and the like. The Yellow Pages used to be the basic go-to for marketing your dental practice.

However, with the rise in popularity of the internet, customers have been turning to online services to help find the providers that they need and the Yellow Pages are practically obsolete in the world of dental practice marketing.

Direct mail

Direct mail is a dental practice marketing method that involves sending out mass batches of mail to people that advertise your dental practice. Nowadays, people don’t really open direct mail anymore, and it is a very expensive marketing method to perform with a very low return on your investment.

If you’re interested in working with mail, you will be much better off using email and newsletter subscriptions to reach out to online users to boost your marketing efforts.