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There are so many dental practices that still haven’t harnessed the power of Google My Business. These are local businesses that appear on the top page of a Google search result when someone searched for the service or product that the business is offering. It helps improve your dental SEO if you are in the dental profession and industry.

Do a quick search about dentists in your area. Did your clinic appear? If there is a listing for it, claim that listing by verifying your identity as the owner of the clinic. You will need to provide an email address, the location of your business, phone numbers, and other documents to prove that you own the clinic and you have the right to edit the information.

There are other ways you can use the GMB listing to your advantage. Here are the other dental SEO elements that you should give focus on:

Business Name

Make sure that the listing has the exact business name that you use on your website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, business cards, letterheads, and business permits and licenses.


This is pretty simple and straightforward. You want to input dentists here. You’re probably going to choose the medical and dental category.


Dental services cannot be rendered online. Patients need to go to your clinic to have their teeth cleaned or avail of your other dental services. Make sure that your GMB listing has the exact address of your dental clinic. If you are living in a numbered street, make sure to write it the same way that Google will find it. You can also integrate Google Maps to your GMB listing, so potential clients only have to click on the map to find your clinic.


Put the correct hours here. If you don’t, Google might indicate that you’re already closed when you’re still open. This will confuse customers all the more. They might not even try to call your clinic because of the wrong hours indicated on your GMB listing.

Phone Number

Be consistent with the phone number that you use. Make sure this is the same phone number that you use across all your other online presence—Facebook, Instagram, website, and blogs. Stick to one phone number. It tends to get confusing when businesses input a lot of phone numbers. Customers won’t know which numbers they need to contact first.

Appointment URL

Allow your patients to make an appointment with you via your GMB listing. Use a separate URL for clients signing up through the GMB listing so you can track down how many patients use this form and how many are coming from your website.