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The internet has caused a lot of changes in a variety of industries, and the dental industry is no different. Nowadays, online users prefer doing everything online, including booking their dental appointments. Because of this, it’s important to incorporate online appointments on your dental websites.

However, while websites are the main source of online appointments, in order to maximize your online dental marketing, you should also be well aware of other online channels that can also be used by your online users to book their dental appointments. Here are some of the most common online channels you can book your dental appointments in addition to your dental websites.

Dental websites

Of course, the very first online channel you should be utilizing for online appointment bookings is your dental website. Nowadays, when users are looking for the right dental practice to turn to for their dental health needs, they look up potential dental practices online.

When they reach your website and decide that your dental practice is what they’re looking for, the best way to maximize conversions is to implement an online booking system on your website. That way, when users are interested in your dental services, they can immediately book an appointment with your practice.

Social media

In addition to looking up your dental practice and finding your website, users will also take the time to check out your social media profiles to see any reviews and testimonials from past patients.

Like your dental websites, it’s important to incorporate an online appointment booking system in order to maximize online conversions. Social media is a very powerful online marketing tool, especially when done right and allowing users to book appointments on your social media is a good way to make the most out of your social media.

Google My Business

Google has made huge strides in making it easier for businesses to integrate themselves with online systems. One way that they’ve accomplished this is by creating the Google My Business feature, which allows businesses to “claim” their businesses online, which helps online users find them better.

Your contact information and location are displayed on your Google My Business profile, which provides users with the contact information that they need to contact your business. Giving users the easiest possible method of booking an appointment with your dental practice is guaranteed to boost conversions and increase the number of new patients you get.