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If there’s one thing we know with absolute certainty right now it’s that social media will be here to stay. Sure, there’ll be a lot of changes in the future but your dental practice marketing should invest well in social media if you want to reap the rewards of making your presence known online.

Post relevant content regularly

The only way to send a signal to your market that you are present is to post regularly. Let them know that your dental practice is open and actively serving customers.

Sometimes, when a Facebook page gets too quiet, your followers may forget that you even exist. But remember that when posting content, you have to make sure that the topics are relevant to your niche.

Though, of course, you can post some general stuff a couple of times each week, what your audience will expect from you is valuable information.

Answer messages quickly

There will be potential messages that will inquire about your status, schedule, services, products, and many more. Never be too tired to answer these messages when you can.

Facebook gives you brownie points for answering on time and customers love seeing that “typically answers in minutes” under your profile name on Messenger. Your dental practice marketing will benefit a lot from being sensitive to your potential clients’ needs.

Engage with your audience

Some of your target audience will leave comments, suggestions, and questions on your posts. As much as possible, engage with them and continue the conversation.

Your target market will love the feeling of being valued. If you respond quickly and regularly, they will feel that their comments are being valued.

They will want to engage with you in the future. That is the reason why it is advisable for official Facebook pages to have a dedicated person who can manage the profiles 24/7.

Post photos and videos

Don’t just post texts on your newsfeed. Make sure that you’re also coming up with clever ideas to post photos and videos that will attract more customers to your page. More than anything else, search engines like Google loves images and videos.

On Instagram, you can add an alternative text for the image that you post. Make use of these tools because Google’s algorithm is programmed to detect SEO even in images and videos.

Remember though that you have to be careful about irrelevant photos and videos. Only post media that are relevant to your dental practice marketing niche.