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Your dental websites are the first things that people are going to see when they look you up on the internet. They will make a first impression basing only on the things they see on your website. What does a slow-loading website say about your dental practice? How will your potential patients react to the lack of testimonials on your website, as well as the hundreds of ads that pop on their screens, obscuring their view of the site?

These are major problems on a dental website. They need to be recognized and addressed. Failure to fix these
problems will result in lower web traffic, high bounce rates, and low conversion rates.

No Membership Prompt

There are so many websites that exist today that have no obvious call-to-action. You need to ask web visitors to sign
up for your mailing list. Whether it’s through a pop-up when they land on your site or a message before they leave
your site, you need to make it noticeable. It is worth experimenting which works for your audience. You can have a
“join our email list” prompt on the top right corner of your site to be displayed on every web page.

Slow Site Speed

Just look at the numbers: 47% of people want your website to load in under two seconds, 57% will leave if it doesn’t
load in three seconds, and 75% will exit if the page didn’t open in four seconds. Site speed is increasingly becoming
important for search engines such as Google when it determines the relevance of your site to a user’s query.

Hard-to-read Content

The details of your content can be groundbreaking and phenomenal but somehow, if it does not have the right font,
size, and color background, it will be reduced to nothing. Your content shouldn’t only be well-written. It should be
easy on the eyes, too. Be careful about using white space and contrasting color combinations.

Poor Navigation

People are going to leave your site when they realize they cannot navigate it easily. Your categories should be
prominently displayed. You can further divide your pages into subcategories. Your website should be so easy to
navigate that a drunk person should find his way around it. That’s your goal.

No Reviews and Testimonials

Potential patients want to know that they are trusting a reputable and legitimate dental practice. The only way you can
satisfy their concerns is if you present them with reviews and testimonials from actual patients. Referrals and
testimonials are one of the leading ways to build your business. Never underestimate the power of these testimonials
on your dental websites.