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What’s making you think that your dental marketing strategies are working? Do your patients tell you about where they found your dental practice? Do they mention some of your strategies and how effective they are at convincing them to visit your clinic?

The truth is, you have no way of knowing if your strategies are working because your patients don’t really tell you how they find out about you. But this is an important process in campaigning and promoting your dental practice. If you don’t know your strategies are working, you might be wasting your time and your money on it.

There Is Increased Engagement on Social Media

You might’ve noticed that lately, there is an increased engagement between and among your patients on social media. This does not mean that all of your strategies are working, but it does mean that there are campaigns you are using that are reaching your target market.

It is important to identify what these campaigns are so you can pour all your resources on them. If there is increased engagement on your social media pages, make sure that you are a part of it—answer inquiries, be a part of the conversation, and explain issues that crop up.

There Are New Inquiries

Whether it is through your Facebook account or your website or other means of messaging your clinic, when there is an increase in the number of inquiries that you receive, it means that your campaigns and strategies are working. This is one way of knowing that you are reaching your target market and that your message is getting to them. Once there is an increase in inquiries, do everything in your power to turn these into sales and appointments.

And it isn’t just about inquiries. If some of your customers are going back to your clinic to inquire about dental procedures, it means that you are also reaching them through your marketing strategies. Customers you think you have lost to other dentists should also be your target audience.

There Is More Profit

When there are more customers, there is a better profit for your profession. You will notice that there is a better performance in terms of return on investment. You will also get more money than what you’re usually making. You’re also able to pay off your expenses and improve your dental facilities and equipment? And this is all because of an effective dental marketing strategy.