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If you’re in the dental practice profession, you should know by now that is a dedicated dental marketing company that can effectively promote your practice to your target audience. Of course, at first, you may want to try marketing your practice on your own. Hiring a marketing team does not only cost money, but it takes away a few of your resources, too.

But how do you know when it’s time to call a dental marketing company? Why should you invest in a marketing team? What benefits will a marketing agency be able to bring to your practice?

When There Are No New Customers

Have you been dwindling the hours in your clinic? Are there barely patients every day? That does not necessarily mean there are no oral health needs in your area. People are always suffering from a toothache, gum diseases, and many more. It’s one thing for us to have a headache or a stomachache. We don’t go to the doctor for that. We just usually take paracetamol or something.

But it’s another thing entirely for our teeth and gums to hurt. That’s just something we cannot endure. If there are no new inquiries from clients, that means that your practice is on a slump and it’s not gaining on the market it needs to survive.

When Your Old Patients Are Not Returning

Do you have customers that you expect to come back for a check up but didn’t? Do you think they have been persuaded by other dental practices? Are they missing their appointments? It might be because they are disinterested with your services. You may have to consult with a marketing company on how to reconnect with these patients and convince them to give your practice another try.

When Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

If web visitors are leaving your website a few seconds after they land on your homepage, that will result in a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is not a good thing. It doesn’t connote to high web traffic. It means that web visitors are uninterested about your website and what it has to offer. Maybe you should take a good long look at your site and see what changes you can implement.

When Your Website Does Not Generate Enough Traffic

If your website is not generating enough traffic, you’ll see that in the metrics. There won’t be enough visits for Google to rank your site on its search index. People won’t be able to find you on Google or on Bing. Basically, your virtual presence will be non-existence. This is probably the first thing that a dental marketing company should address.