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Your goal is to convey important information to your customers or patients. However, if you are doing these through pop-up ads on your dental websites, you might end up annoying and irritating them. Pop-up ads are not exactly the evil that web users make them out to be. If done correctly, these ads can grow your clientele list, drive conversions, and reduce website abandonment.

Be Mindful of Your Timing

If you are going to have a pop-up ad the moment a web visitor opens your website, you will surely annoy that visitor. Time your ad flawlessly. Instead of asking potential patients to set an appointment or inquire about your dental services, let them linger on and browse through your site for 30 seconds to a minute. After that, you can then allow your pop-up ad to offer to schedule an appointment. That gives these potential patients time to gain a better knowledge of what you are offering.

At the same time, you can also time your pop-up ad to appear right before your target customer closes the browser. The exit-intent popups can persuade customers who decided to abandon the site in the middle of setting up an appointment.

Make It Easy to Close the Popup

Don’t make it hard for customers to close the pop-up ad. Chances are if they cannot find the exit button on the ad, they will be forced to close the whole page altogether. That is a lost opportunity for your dental websites. Make the exit or close button prominently displayed. Allow the web visitors to close the ad if it does not appeal to them.

Be Consistent With the Popup’s Design

Make sure that the popup has the same design and color scheme as the rest of the website. If it’s very different from the website, people might think that it’s spam rather than something they can benefit from. You can switch the primary and secondary colors on your color scheme so that the popup is different but still consistent with the overall design of your website.

Keep It Simple

Be concise and clear. Your pop-up ad should clearly tell the web users what they will get from reading the popup. If you are asking them to sign up for a newsletter now, make sure to tell the customers what they are going to get if they take this action. Allow your web visitors to decide whether the popup’s offer on dental websites has value to them or not.